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Care for the Soul, Re-enchantment for Life


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I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, offering healing and soul work in individual and group settings. After years of working as a psychiatrist, I retired from psychiatric practice to follow a shamanic calling focused on the deeper foundation of healing and wholeness.


I am passionate about helping people to heal and to awaken to the depths of their own soul—to discover their own intuition, passion, creativity, and power. By healing, I do not mean only focusing on symptom relief, but on seeking the foundation and source of any imbalance, while moving towards health and wholeness in the largest sense. This means clearing and transforming old limiting beliefs and traumas, and reconnecting with your own deep inner wisdom, passion, and purpose. It means accessing and opening to the hidden parts of yourself, including the challenging parts, knowing that all of them hold gifts. It means seeing the truth about the vastness of yourself and your deep innate interconnection with all of life. It means accessing more peace, joy, and vitality. 


By awakening, I do not mean some kind of ethereal transcendent state of living. I mean discovering the magic within and around you, seeing your true self and the alive nature of the universe, and experiencing yourself as an intimate and necessary part of creation. 


 The deep inner work of healing and awakening is best done within a safe and sacred container—someone holding the space for you to dive deep, as well as facilitating the more challenging parts of the journey. I am honored to offer my guidance in this process.


For more information on my past training and experience, click here. Also feel free to contact me for more information. Blessings on your journey!

Listen to my guided 5 minute meditation here - or download for free! 



Note: My private healing practice is full and I am not accepting new clients. However I will continue to offer new workshops & classes. 

Shamanic Healing

I offer deep inner healing work, individually as well as in classes and workshops. I often blend different modalities in my work, though that is optional and always guided by my client's intention. The work is customized; in the initial session, we go over your relevant history and clarify your intention and how we can move towards that. Some people come for a single session, some intermittently, and some come frequently over a longer period of time to work on deeper issues and transformation. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Healing sessions are available either in-person or remotely, via Zoom.

Shamanic healing works at a foundational level to bring in more connection and balance while releasing what no longer serves. Carrying your intention into the healing space, we track within you what is happening at a deeper, often unconscious, level. Depending on what is needed, there may be different kinds of work, such as: energetic release, reconnection, calming the nervous system, work with emotions, soul retrieval, and more. We also bring in supportive resources that feel right for you, which may include nature, animals, ancestors, and/or spirit guides.

I frequently combine Internal Family Systems work with shamanic healing. I also may add aspects of Systemic Family Constellations when indicated and desired.

Internal Family Systems
Systemic Family Constellations

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful therapeutic modality that welcomes all parts of us and understands that all of us have both a core Self or essence, as well as many inner parts. Some inner parts may act as protectors and others may carry burdens of old trauma, emotions, and beliefs. Empowering the core Self and working directly with these parts can bring about deep healing and transformation. Your inner parts function as a system, similar to a family system, which is how this modality was named; it’s not about your family of origin, but rather about the dynamics of your internal world.

I am trained as a level 3 IFS practitioner by the IFSI. 


Visit the IFS Institute website to learn more about IFS.

We all unconsciously carry emotions, trauma, beliefs and patterns from our family system and ancestors. Oftentimes, issues or patterns we struggle with originate there, whether emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or relational. Systemic Family Constellation work brings awareness to these hidden dynamics that block the flow of energy and love, then brings about more freedom and flow. This releases burdens that have been carried and can also open you to ancestral strength, resiliency, and love.

This work is ideally done in its original format of a group setting, which I also offer. However, it can be modified to work with in individual sessions. Learn more here. 



Systemic Family Constellations
Healing, Connecting, Belonging
IFS Healing Circles
~ healing in community ~

We all unconsciously carry emotions, trauma, beliefs and patterns from our family system and ancestors. Oftentimes, issues or patterns we struggle with originate there, whether emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or relational. Systemic Family Constellation work brings awareness to these hidden dynamics that block the flow of energy and love, then brings about more freedom and flow. This releases burdens and can also open you to ancestral strength, resiliency, and love.


• Date:  May 31, 2024

Where: 18 Springs Healing Center, Winston-Salem NC. 

For further details or to register for this event, click here. 


To download a flyer, click here: 

I'm excited to offer IFS Healing Circles, to combine the power of IFS with the power of deep sacred group work. IFS helps us go directly to the parts within us that need tending and develop a relationship with them that helps our whole system find more clarity, peace, joy, and love. This will include guided meditations, parts mapping, and embodied group sculpting.


• There are two different 6-week options: 

May 1st - June 5th in-person in Winston-Salem NC or  

May 2nd - June 6th online via zoom

For further details or to register for workshops, click here.     


To download a flyer, click here: 

I will be offering additional classes in the future. Below are links to some past courses.

 Let me know if you want to be on my email list to be notified when new classes are planned! 

Testimonial anchor
White Earth


Sandy is a gentle soul and a woman of great vision.  She has the unique ability to be totally present without judgment, for those of us wanting to go deep within to inquire and learn more about our personal, communal and universal selves. I highly recommend Sandy's workshops -- they are unique in that they allow each of us to open up to unique possibilities that may not be present in our day to day living that encourages us to be creative and inspired to truly live our best lives.  ~Lynda - Executive Director of a local nonprofit

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I began working with Sandy as a shamanic healer when I separated from my husband of many years.  She has been a wise guide and mentor as I’ve awakened.  She has helped me claim parts of myself I had denied over the years out of fear or in the name of keeping peace in my life and family.  I’m still on the journey of reclaiming all of me and am learning to nurture and love myself.

Sandy listens in a deep, caring way.  I feel safe with her and her questions are always right at the heart of what I am not seeing clearly.  The shamanic work is very powerful and has helped me heal in the deepest part of my being.  I feel blessed to have her as a trusted helper on my journey.   ~Pat C., Waynesville, NC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sandy’s Shamanic healing was very powerful for me. She was able to dive deep beneath my conscious mind and spoke directly to my soul. It was like finally experiencing water after having been out in the desert for a life time. The healing transcended time and space as Sandy acted as a bridge between my physical reality and the reality that on a soul level I knew to be "home". After the healing, I felt altered. I was empowered, strength was restored, and a connection was experienced that words would not do justice to describe. ~Shirin M., Reston, VA

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've had the great pleasure of working with Sandy Phocas in many ways: past-life regressions, Holotropic Breathwork, individual healings, and overnight vigils. Sandy is a powerful healer, and incredibly compassionate. She creates a space for growth that is simultaneously challenging and supportive. Her work is her calling, and I found every experience with her to be incredibly transformative and helpful in my own process. I highly recommend her! ~Cyndi Briggs, PhD, Winston-Salem, NC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I spent many years working with counselors seeking help with healing. It hasn't been until I have worked with Sandy that I have felt true progress along my journey toward improvement. She truly understands, knows the right questions to ask and works wonders. If it's true healing you seek, look no further. You will not be disappointed. -Melissa Vickers, Winston-Salem NC

It is difficult to describe in words the profound impact Sandy’s Shamanic Healing course had on me. I feel much more deeply connected to the physical and spiritual beings and worlds around me. Shamanic journeying is a powerful and deeply personal, spiritual practice. Sharing this experience with a group of others, I believe, only adds to its power.

Sandy is a gifted and humble individual. In her teaching style, she honors the fact that each person’s experience is unique and not subject to interpretations from others. The environment she inspires during the workshop is one where group members can mutually support and share with one another. I highly recommend this workshop, or individual work with Sandy, to anyone at all interested!   -Nichols Mabry, Charleston, SC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sandy Phocas and her healing work has truly changed me and my life for the better! I highly recommend any of her workshops, Systemic Family Constellations, or individual healing sessions. Her dedication, professionalism and integrity creates a safe environment where you are free to be yourself and vulnerable while treated with the upmost care, privacy and respect. I can’t say enough great things about Sandy, her profound work and positive impact on our community  ~Brittney Biggs, Winston-Salem, NC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I find it hard to put into words the depth of experiences I have had in the work. I have cleared so much trauma, pain, confusion, negative energy stuck in my body, mind and psyche. This left a big space in my being, to fill with love, inner peace, and healing. I feel it has lead me to discover my authentic self and live every minute of every day from that place. I feel I am able to live in the present with great gratitude. This is the healing I prayed for, longed for, many confusing, suffering misguided years of my life. I found my way through this work. When Sandy works with me I feel safe, cared for, held. She knows how to create and hold a healing space for whatever presents. She has done and continues to do her own work which is crucial to be an excellent facilitator and healer.     ~Patricia, RN, Maryland

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I sought out Sandy’s expertise when I was grieving after my daughter’s death. That loss awakened in me a desire to explore my spirituality. Sandy has helped me to begin that journey, and I feel complete trust in her abilities and desire to help me further. ~SB

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sandy pays attention, I mean REALLY pays attention, so much so that my little timid parts show up for healing sessions with her.  That’s when the magic happens!  -HMF, Greensboro, NC

Sandy has laser-like focus and an innate ability to see the heart of the situation clearly. She focuses on understanding precisely what you mean and what you are experiencing. Sandy uses her insight to select the healing technique best suited to you at that moment. There are no pre-packaged cookie-cutter treatment packages. Sandy's healing activity centers on you and your needs.  ~V Birmingham,   Baltimore MD   

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years.  Last year, I was looking at major transitions in my life and felt an overwhelming desire to do Shamanic Journeying.  I found the right person with Sandy Phocas.  Her knowledge, experience and gifts are amazing.  The minute you are in her presence the energy is inviting and safe.  This work moves one very fast to shedding the blocks and finding the truth.  She helps you to remember the person you wanted to be! ~Amanda, Nathans Creek, NC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have experienced many of Sandy’s modalities; past life, journeying, Holotropic Breathwork and shamanic healing --all of which have facilitated my healing and helping me connect to a truly deeper part of myself. Her work and support has held the space for real transformation in me. It is truly an extraordinary experience to work with Sandy.  She has a great capacity to tune in to what I need at the moment and yet I also feel that I can choose what it is that I might need help with at the moment. Her workshops are a safe and grounded space for which I am able to let go and process deeply. I am very grateful for her work.  ~N.D., New York City, Financial Analyst/Singer-songwriter

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sandy is a wonderful Healer! I have enjoyed many sessions with her and each journey, I learn something new about myself; how to accept, embrace and overcome any obstacles that may present itself, to become a better person. She is with you each step of the way and truly understands your feelings to help you achieve optimum results! I would highly recommend Sandy and her amazing work! 

-Troy Hurst, Winston-Salem NC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sandy's work with me has been powerful.  Breathwork and Shamanic Journeys have been just what I needed to address the non-verbal aspects of my healing.  Sandy is so grounded herself, very intuitive and compassionate, and her work is deep and tracks right with what your "growing edge" is.  I highly recommend her work. ~Amanda Zabel, M.A.Ed., LPC

Testimonials are greatly appreciated! To submit, send them via email here  or add on Facebook. 



Sandy Phoenix (she/her) (formerly Phocas)

433 West End Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27101  |  336-287-0061 (prefer email) 

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Note: My private healing practice is full and I am not accepting new clients. However I will continue to offer new workshops & classes. 

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