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Beautiful green hilly landscape with sacred concentric circles of stones.

What others say:


"The IFS Healing Circle proved to be an enlightening experience in helping me foster deeper self-awareness and understanding of my feelings and emotions. Sandy’s knack for breaking down complex emotional concepts into digestible bits, and creating an extremely safe and welcoming space, made the journey very comfortable and enjoyable.  I didn’t have any prior knowledge or expectations going in, and the most significant takeaway I came out with has been a shift towards greater self-compassion. I've learned to approach frustration and self-criticism with curiosity and kindness, seeking to understand the underlying causes of these emotions. I am still learning, but this perspective has been incredibly liberating and has fostered a more harmonious relationship with myself. The thoughtful structure, engaging content, and nurturing environment make it a standout program that I wholeheartedly recommend to others!" ~Chandni Saxena, WInston-Salem, NC

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"Group work can contain power with shared intents, finding similarities with others and support of uniqueness.  I experienced this solidly with the Circle and Sandy's focus on holding a safe space for all.  Sandy seems to track where the group is as a whole yet is watching out for the individual. 

I also appreciated the various ways of learning to relate to Parts; through creative exploration, meditation and embodied exercises.  This class is great for those that are just curious about the IFS process and those that have some experience but want to go deeper.  If you are ready to understand the details of how and why you respond with certain thoughts, emotions and actions, ready to look inward and find your own power, then the IFS Healing Circle guided by Sandy will encourage your journey."

~Amy Bowden, LCSW; Winston-Salem, NC 

One-Day IFS Immersion

~ healing in community ~

June 30, 2024

with Sandy Phoenix

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful therapeutic modality that welcomes all parts of us and understands that all of us have both a core essence or Self, as well as many inner parts. Our parts function as a system, similar to a family system, which is how this modality was named; it’s not about your family of origin, but rather about the dynamics of your internal world.

IFS Healing Circles combine the power of IFS with the power of deep sacred group work. IFS is a deeply compassionate model that helps us connect with the parts within us that need tending and develop a relationship with them that helps our whole system find more clarity, peace, joy, and love. It offers a caring way to work effectively with polarized parts that keep us stuck. It helps us unburden old traumas, emotions, and beliefs. And IFS helps us to inhabit our core sacred essence more fully and, over time, lead our lives from that essence.

This full day immersion will be experiential and will include guided meditations, parts mapping, and embodied group sculpting. The sculpting is a powerful process where a participant works directly with me with the group members supporting by stepping into the roles of the person’s parts, bringing about more clarity of inner dynamics and more space for healing. (The sculpting spots will be chosen by lottery during the workshop among those interested.)

IFS is a relational model, building relationships with your inner parts. Doing this work in a group, witnessing and sharing with others, empowers each person’s own work as well as building like-minded community. Group size will be limited to 12 participants, allowing time for questions and sharing.


As a Shamanic Practitioner, I appreciate how IFS aligns with and includes many shamanic perspectives and aspects of healing, including soul retrieval, clearing of ancestral and cultural burdens, energetic and spiritual release with help of the elements, and connection with your sacred essence. I will hold a sacred shamanic space for this deep work.


Training: I am a Level 3-trained IFS practitioner and have trained in Creating IFS Healing Circles with Chris Burris.


When: June 30, 2024, Sunday, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Note: Registration deadline is Saturday, June 22nd! 

Where: 18 Springs Community Healing Center, 2424 Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem, NC

Cost: $190. Options available for those in need of financial assistance.


Note: This deep group work can be intense and emotional; it is contraindicated when there is emotional or mental instability. Please discuss with Sandy if you have concerns if this is right for you.

To Register: Fill out the form below, then click the button to submit your information and go to the payment page to complete your registration by sending payment. *Please note that you are not considered registered and a spot is not held until you send payment to commit to the spot. 

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