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Worlds Beyond, Worlds Within: Deeper Into Shamanic Consciousness   

~ a day-long workshop with Sandy Phoenix ~

December 9, 2023

Shamanic practices can bring healing and balance to individuals, community, and the land. They help us open to the deepest truth and beauty of our own being and the universe, allowing us to experience ourselves as a vital and intimate part of creation.

Adventure deeper into the mystery and magic of the realms within and beyond self. Explore the relationships between inner and outer worlds, as well as the boundaries and thresholds between. Get to know threshold guardians. Journey into the world of your heart and the heart of Creation. Engage in sacred practices that open you to new perspectives and possibilities, that bring you deeper into shamanic consciousness, with shamanic drumming journeys, embodied practices, nature, music, and breath. There will also be time for group sharing and exploring ways to integrate and ground experiences. For those who have experience with shamanic journeying and shamanic perspectives, this course will offer an opportunity to delve deeper.


When: December 9, 2023, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Where:  18 Springs Community Healing Center, 2424 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem

Prerequisite: previous experience with shamanic journeying and shamanic perspectives.

Cost:  $160   Advance registration is required. Space is limited.

The 18 Springs Access Fund is available for those in need of financial assistance.


Note: 18 Springs is a non-profit community healing center. Their Access Fund is an equity fund that fills the gap between what a program costs and what participants are able to pay. For anyone who wishes to give to the 18 Springs Access Fund and support program accessibility for others, please click here which will take you to the 18 Springs website.

To Register Registration is now closed. 

Fill out the form below, then click the button to submit your information and go to the payment page to complete your registration by sending payment. *Please note that you are not considered registered and a spot is not held until you send payment to commit to the spot. (If you are applying for assistance from the Access Fund, fill out the form below, then look for the application link and instructions on the payment page.)

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