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Healing Constellations

Systemic Shamanic Practices for Symptoms and Illness

September 15 - October 20, 2022

6-week course with Sandy Phocas

This 6-week course will explore underlying dynamics of physical, mental, or emotional symptoms or illness, while bringing in healing perspectives and resources. Systemic Constellations allow us to expand our awareness, open our perspective, and see what is hidden. They reveal both unseen blocks and also resources that we are unaware of or disconnected from. They shed light on systemic dynamics – the relationships between members of a system, whether internal or from family, group, or culture. They help us disentangle from burdens, while opening us to connection, support, and love.

Constellations are embodied practices that involve stepping in and out of different energies, learning directly from that embodied experience and from the connection with others in the same field of energy. This course will offer practices from Family, Shamanic, and Internal Systemic Constellations. There will be individual, small, and large group constellating practices. There will also be time for questions and group sharing.

Note: Not all participants will receive their own large group constellation (spots will be chosen by lottery during class), but all will be able to participate in those as representatives, which is a powerful and healing experience.

Though the course is aimed towards those with symptoms or illness, it is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about these dynamics. Note that it can be intense and emotional work; it is contraindicated when there is significant emotional or mental instability. Please discuss with Sandy if you have concerns if this is right for you.


When:  September 15 - October 20, Thursdays, 7-9 pm (6-week course)

Where: 18 Springs Community Healing Center, 2424 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem

Cost:   $180. Advance registration is required. Space is limited.


Note: The 18 Springs Access Fund is available for those needing financial assistance to attend. First fill out the form below and ask Sandy to reserve a spot, then click here to fill out the application. After approval, you must return here to complete registration. 


Covid Precautions: Masks are optional at this time. This work may involve close contact between participants. Please consider and honor your own health needs in deciding to attend.


To RegisterFill out the form below, then click the button to submit your information and go to the payment page to complete your registration by sending payment. *Please note that you are not considered registered and a spot is not held until you send payment to commit to the spot. (If you are applying for the Access Fund, put a note about that in the message section below, fill out that application, then once you are approved, return here to complete your registration by paying your portion.)


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